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Put your computer
to work.

Add your computer to our global network and get paid.

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Median Weekly Earnings (KOII)
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The mobile version is still in progress. Drop your email address and we’ll send you some free tokens and a download link for your computer.
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What’s a node?

You, plus your computer.

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  • Run a small program to rent out the extra compute power from your device
  • Get paid by the network by running Koii Tasks
  • Run the program in the background and keep track of your earnings


KOII is the currency of DePIN

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Easy Adaptation

Koii is the most practical and complete DePIN networks.

The transition from Web2 to Web3 is now smooth and easy for newcomers

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True Value

KOII is used for transaction fees (gas) while interacting with the network.

Hold KOII to earn more stable coins and altcoins from protocols building DePIN, AI, and more.

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Net full of People

Anyone with a computer can earn passive income for doing REAL WORK (not crypto mining).

Koii's global cloud compute network is run by thousands of real people.

To Learn More about the token go to our Docs by clicking below

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Are you a founder building next generation apps?

Get to your MVP faster with grants and mentorship to integrate better infrastructure.

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Start Building

Simplified tutorials to get you moving fast

Koii makes it simple to build peer-to-peer apps with competitive scalability and Web2-level performance.

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Hello, World!


Get your feet wet. You’ll learn about:
  • Mechanism Design on Koii
  • Audit Design
  • Reward & Bounty Management
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Community Data


Dig a little deeper:
  • Implement node-specific credentials
  • Navigate paywalls and API limits
  • Manage community data
  • Leverage Merkle Spines
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Take your skills to the next level:
  • Database replication
  • Accepting fees for app membership
  • Attention mining using apps and content
Koii’s commitment to security

Koii uses the same security standards as industry-leading applications like Slack, Discord, and Microsoft Teams.

We promise that every job your node sees has been vetted and reviewed by the Koii team to ensure your digital safety.

The Community is Growing Fast.

Join us to meet the network: visionaries and developers excited about Koii’s technology.

Learn more about what Koii can do to support your vision and your product.

And check out recent updates from the team.