Koii is a global network
of computers

Anyone with a computer can earn passive income on Koii. Get your computer to work for you, and earn when you support everyone else.

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map of nodes
map of nodes

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Earn passive income by adding your computer to the network.

Cut compute costs when you use the community cloud.

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Do impossible things with the internet.

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Distributed Cloud

Better reliability, affordability, data ownership. Never worry about losing information or access, for a fraction of the cost.

Offerings include hosting, database, and search/indexing services with the potential for much more.

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Crowd AI

AI is coming. Training models with community-powered data is better for everyone and cheaper to maintain.

Koii tools empower federated learning, access to training data, and crowd-sourced GPUs.

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Identity & Authentication

An identity framework to connect your cross-chain worlds and build reputation across systems for valuable contributions.

Create community-focused products that allow everyone to be verified and rewarded for their participation.

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Web3 & Social

Own your data. Koii gives you the power to maintain publishing rights and content privacy and portability.

Imagine a space where you are paid for your value, rather than exploited by the platform for ad revenue.

map of nodes

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The Koii Advantage
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Why AI companies love building on Koii

Cut hardware costs dramatically

A compute-marketplace leveraging existing consumer hardware means the best prices for you and your team.

Don’t worry about that AWS bill ever again.

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Crowd-source community devices

Build using your community’s existing devices..

Give them a greater sense of ownership and commitment to your project, while saving costs.

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Access more data

Koii’s global network is run by thousands of real people. Get data to:

  • Train better AI models,
  • Keep your competitive advantage,
  • Verify & validate people, projects, and processes and more!
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Easily deploy large-scale systems

Web3-level infrastructure with Web2-scalability and ease.

Save on labor costs with tasks in JavaScript that are easy to deploy and maintain.

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Start Building

Simplified tutorials to get you moving fast

Koii makes it simple to build peer-to-peer apps with competitive scalability and Web2-level performance.

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Hello, World!


Get your feet wet. You’ll learn about:
  • Mechanism Design on Koii
  • Audit Design
  • Reward & Bounty Management
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Community Data


Dig a little deeper:
  • Implement node-specific credentials
  • Navigate paywalls and API limits
  • Manage community data
  • Leverage Merkle Spines
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Take your skills to the next level:
  • Database replication
  • Accepting fees for app membership
  • Attention mining using apps and content
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Are you a founder building next generation apps?

Get to your MVP faster with grants and mentorship to integrate better infrastructure.

The Community is Growing Fast.

Join us to meet the network: visionaries and developers excited about Koii’s technology.

Learn more about what Koii can do to support your vision and your product.

And check out recent updates from the team.