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The Koii Advantage
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Why AI companies love building on Koii

Significant reduction in hardware costs

A compute-marketplace leveraging existing consumer hardware means the best prices for you and your team.

Don’t worry about that AWS bill ever again.

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Crowd-source community devices

Build using your community’s existing devices..

Give them a greater sense of ownership and commitment to your project, while saving costs.

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Access to more data

Koii’s global network is run by thousands of real people. Get data to:

  • Train better AI models
  • Keep your competitive advantage
  • Verify and validate people, projects, and processes
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Easily deployable large-scale systems

Web3-level infrastructure with Web2-scalability and ease.

Save on labor costs with tasks in JavaScript that are easy to deploy and maintain.

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Why should I join?

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Soma Li

"Koii is like the 'Adventurers' Guild' within the Metaverse. A legendary story often starts from the Adventurers' Guild.

We may not be as famous for every person, but we can make legends happen"

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Ari Arias
I really love and believe in the idea of "demonopolizing" the internet, and how Koii is a key element that seeks to thrive in that mission (and each person as a node is a key element for that goal).
photo of member of the team
Kelly Garcia
With Koii it's as if we're witnessing an historic moment that will shape the future of the internet where the potential for revolutionary applications and services built on this decentralized network seems boundless.
photo of member of the team
Raj Prajapati

It's incredible to witness firsthand how decentralized networks can transform the way we exchange value, create digital assets, and engage with the world.

It's an opportunity for me to be at the forefront of decentralized network innovation.

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