Koii’s 1,000 nodes provides easy, affordable access to the data and compute you need.

Made up of hundreds of community members, Koii’s network is dedicated to building the next generation of internet technology.

Crawl the Web
Hosting & Compute

AI on Koii is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Data Access

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Get the data you need

Smash API fees & dodge paywalls with lots of user logins

Crush API rate limits with lots of IP addresses

Skip web crawler maintenance with Koii tasks

Implement easy templates to recruit existing Koii nodes to gather data


Data Processing

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Pre-process & clean data for a fraction of the cost

Use Community nodes to pre-process data before transferring to your training runtime.

Clean data where it’s downloaded: save on local compute

No “Just in Time” storage risks

Never move raw data: save on Input/Output

Transmit and store only tokenized data



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Only pay for the compute you use

Clean data Koii’s thousands of network nodes means there’s always another person to pick up your job.

Scale efficiently: pay only for the work completed

Unused capacity is never wasted

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Like Uber drivers, a new Koii provider will always fill demand if another drops out.

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Koii’s Law of Data Pricing

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Centralized API data will always increase to match demand and utility.

Market-based distributed data trends down as providers join the network.

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Koii is designed for easy onboarding from traditional service providers (i.e. AWS).

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Why Build with Koii?


Koii’s community cloud is instrumental in accessing hard-to-reach data. Building AI-powered search means live data feeds from social, search, and more.

Wei Zheng, PhD

Founder of decentralized search engine Adot


The Compute


With our partners, node operators can easily expand with access to wholesale pricing in just a few clicks.


join us

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Get started

with the Community Cloud

The Koii team can help you use the tools to best suit your needs.

Check out our existing templates or reach out to us to start your journey for data access.

Get in Touch


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Hello, World!


Get your feet wet. You’ll learn about:
  • Mechanism Design on Koii
  • Audit Design
  • Reward & Bounty Management
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Community Data


Dig a little deeper:
  • Implement node-specific credentials
  • Navigate paywalls and API limits
  • Manage community data
  • Leverage Merkle Spines
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Take your skills to the next level:
  • Database replication
  • Accepting fees for app membership
  • Attention mining using apps and content