There are so many ways to earn
No matter who you are or where you’re from, you can earn KOII as long as you have an internet connection.
The internet should be owned by those who use it.
We are giving away the keys to the new web. All you have to do is click one of the bubbles to get started.
dynamic nft

Attention Tracking on your site

If you have a website with regular traffic, earn passive income now— it only takes 2 minutes.

Koii token

Become an Ambassador

Learn about Koii, engage with the community, and earn for your time!


Drag & Drop any file to create an NFT

Share it with your friends and start earning right away.


Rent your device’s extra compute power

Run the network and get rewarded without a second thought.

Attention Tracking on your site

Earning rewards for every person who visits your website is easy—
Install this script and you’re good to go

Check out the docs for full configuration:

port = new PoRT({

trustedNodeAddress: '',

node: 5,

connectionWait: true,


Drag & Drop any file to create an NFT

Anything you create can become an NFT that earns attention rewards.

Get Finnie to mint any file on your computer in under a minutes. Then share with your friends to start earning.

Become an Ambassador

Shout Koii from the rooftops, bring your friends, learn all about the space.

Join the Ambassador program to empower the next generation of internet users.

Rent your device’s extra compute power

Rent the extra compute power on your laptop or desktop (mobile coming soon). Help run the network and earn tokens without even thinking about it.

The Koii Node takes the same amount of space and RAM as your favorite music playing app, so anyone can run one!

1 Million KOII are released each day. Every token gives you governance rights, and can be used to rent computing power from the network.


Get In The Node: