Welcome to EZSandbox

In this series of workshops, we'll get you up and running to build your first community-hosted application in no time.

This sandbox will take you through a few phases of development to try using Koii tasks at all levels.

Number 1

Deploy locally on your Koii Task Node to debug and iterate rapidly

Number 2

Deploy to Docker to test audits and incentive mechanisms

Number 3

Launch on the Community Cloud

Lessons and Code Samples

Decentralized Applications (dApps) on the Koii Cloud run in modules called 'Tasks' and anyone can join by installing a Koii Node. You can think of a Koii Node as a tool, sort of like a document editor or web browser that reads and operates tasks instead of documents or web pages.

At the end of these tutorials, you'll be ready to build your first Koii application that other community members can run on their nodes.

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